Executive Coaching and High-Performing Leaders

Executive coaching benefits leaders who are as committed to their own development as they are to ensuring the growth of their followers.  Coaching supports and sustains leaders during transitions to new responsibilities, and it helps leaders who want to diversify their management skills.  Executive coaching helps high-functioning people achieve their personal best and expand their leadership repertoire.

The skills and successes that bring people to a new position, particularly if they are beginning a first headship or are new to another CEO responsibility, are often different from the ones that are needed to do well in the new job.  Executive coaching helps leaders build the capacity and move smoothly and intentionally into new role expectations.  Executive coaching also helps leaders who are looking for ways to develop themselves anew and remain fulfilled and vibrant in their current positions.

An executive coach is like a personal trainer for leadership.  The coach helps build leadership muscle.  Just as anyone can benefit from working out, any leader who wants to achieve at the highest possible level can gain enormous benefits from executive coaching.

Leaders in non-profit organizations find executive coaching to be particularly beneficial because of the myriad and unique demands that non-profits place upon their executives.