Organizational Consulting

CEO’s of independent schools and other non-profits benefit from organizational consulting because the cause of challenges is not always apparent.  Organizational consulting is an objective assessment of issues and recommendations for addressing them.

Hulse Leadership Development provides data-driven assessments that are in-depth and multi-faceted.  Data collection includes personnel interviews, reviews of procedures and policies, in-person observations, and analyses of documents and communications.  After the issues are understood, written recommendations, which may include individual personnel and team coaching, the creation of new practices, and personnel reassignment or termination, are provided in a comprehensive report.

There are many reasons to pursue organizational consulting:

  • A leadership team that experiences a great deal of conflict.
  • Uncertainty about whether duties in a specific management department are effectively assigned.
  • Programmatic concerns.
  • Lack of clarity about whether an administrator or manager has the best support.
  • Lack of time to pursue organizational analyses.