Diane’s work on behalf of Project Hospitality has been nothing short of extraordinary!  Working with her strategic partners, Diane analyzed the entire administrative structure of our organization and provided excellent guidance for helping us improve our systems and procedures so that we could better serve our clients.  Each of her leadership retreats have taken us to a new level of leadership sophistication.  Diane is an astute and sensitive organizational consultant.  Her support of the leadership team and of me personally has been in a class by itself.  I cannot recommend Hulse Leadership Development highly enough.

Rev. Terry Troia
Executive Director

I worked with Diane during my entire first year as Head of School. From the start, Diane was insightful, supportive, and really attuned to who I am and what my needs were as well as my desires for growth. Her facilitation and oversight of my 360 feedback was not only a powerful tool for me professionally, but encouraged deep reflection, goal setting and thoughtful awareness of my leadership style.  I felt in each session that Diane individualized her work to who I am and to what would help me meet my best potential. Besides weekly meetings, Diane was available and really present as a consistent listener and facilitator.  She was my guardian and an invaluable resource in so many ways. I am truly privileged to have worked with her and to have built a strong foundation as a new Head of School.

Sergio Alati, Ed.D.
Head of School, Stevens Cooperative School

Just as Diane was a transformational leader of the schools she headed, she is so as an executive coach for heads, administrative teams, and boards. She combines expertise in schools with talent and training to support the growth and development of new and experienced heads of school, business managers, and other high profile administrators.  Leading schools today is more challenging than ever, and all leaders need to be at the top of their game.  I highly recommend her work to help make that happen.

Patrick F. Bassett
President of NAIS, National Association of Independent Schools, 2001-2013

Diane Hulse did a terrific job with our staff retreat this past summer.  The entire staff was fully engaged throughout the course of the day, and since then, we have applied and built upon the themes she helped us develop.  Diane helped an already strong team become even more connected and thoughtful about the ways we work together. I highly recommend Diane’s work for other non-profit leaders.

Ronna Brown
Executive Director, Philanthropy New York

I started working with Diane as my coach when I was Head-elect at my school.  I cannot imagine having begun this important job without her guidance and support.   As a former Head of School herself, Diane brings experience, insight, and compassion to the coaching relationship.  She is an excellent guide and a thoughtful listener.  I look forward eagerly to our weekly meetings.  Diane is a true school person who “gets” schools and “gets” what it is like to be in the driver’s seat.  Every rookie Head of School ought to aspire to be coached by Diane Hulse.

Paul Burke
Head of School, The Nightingale-Bamford School

I have participated in two leadership retreats that were run by Diane and her strategic partners.  The first was a Board retreat at my own school, and the second was a strategic planning retreat I attended at another independent school.  Both were wonderful experiences.  Diane and her team did a great job engaging participants in thoughtful and meaningful discussions that led to new thinking and impressive collaboration.  I highly recommend her inspiring work as an organizational consultant.

George P. Davison
Head of School, Grace Church School

I have known and worked with Diane for many years.  She is a wonderful, dynamic, and highly skilled school leader who has transferred her decades of experience into passionate leadership development services.  I am thrilled that Diane has worked with many schools and school leaders in NJAIS.  Her coaching and consulting clients rave about the impact that she has had on their work. Diane is an articulate public speaker with a compelling vision about leadership. Our heads and trustees have been inspired by both her words and her guidance.

Carole J. Everett
Executive Director, New Jersey Association of Independent Schools

Diane is a deeply respected educator in New York State who has occupied leadership positions, chaired accrediting teams, and served as a Trustee for the New York State Association of Independent Schools. I have worked closely with Diane over the years on a variety of projects, including consulting, and have been continually impressed by her intelligence, sensitivity, expertise in group work, and extremely strong follow-through. She is one of those very rare educational leaders who brings wisdom and perspective to her work as well as the work of others. I highly recommend her!

Mark W. Lauria, Ph.D.
Executive Director, The New York State Association of Independent Schools